Multidisciplinary appraisal firm providing accurate appraisals for all your business needs.

Business Appraisals

The day will come when you will need to know the value of your business. It is likely that its value will be significantly less than you would expect, especially if you don’t start making plans now to enhance its value.

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Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

When you need to know the market value of real estate for buying, selling, financing, estate planning or litigation, our licensed and certified appraisers can respond in a timely manner at a competitive cost.

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Computer Appraisals

Make sure that your IT computer appraisal is created by a qualified ASA so that you can be sure that your company’s computer valuation will hold up in dealings with the court and the IRS.

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Equipment Appraisals

Certified Appraisers regularly appraises business equipment through out the United States. Recent projects include fork lift appraisals, construction equipment valuation and an industrial cleaning service appraisal.

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