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Since 1974, Certified Appraisers, Inc. has been a multi-faceted firm specializing in the appraisal and valuation of:

  • Closely-held Businesses
  • Business Personal Property
  • Intangible Business Assets
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Economic Losses
  • Business Damages

Since 1972 our management has been involved in determining business and litigation-related values, operating a variety of successful businesses, and brokering the sale of closely-held companies. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in multi-disciplinary valuation classifications. Appraisers certified by one or more of the national appraisal societies are assigned to conduct and/or review all appraisal reports. Management assigned to assess litigation-related values have the credentials to qualify as experts and have extensive experience in testifying.

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Asset Approach

This approach compares sales of similar items of like condition and utility. Used equipment dealers are a good source of this information. These dealers generally buy used equipment at values close to liquidation and then resell the items after required repairs typically at values in the range of 40% to 75% of costs new depending upon condition and market trends.

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Market Approach

The Market Approach is defined as a general way of determining a value indication using one or more methods that compare the subject to similar investments that have been sold. It is a market oriented concept based on the Principle of Substitution. This Principle assumes that the value of a thing tends to be determined by the cost of acquiring an equally desirable substitute.

income approach

Income Approach

The income approach is defined as a general way of determining an indication of value by using one or more methods that convert anticipated benefits into value. It is a widely-recognized approach to estimating economic value. The income approach considers a business or other income producing property more or less as though it were a money machine whose purpose is to produce money for its owner.

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Each of our appraisers subscribe to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices as promulgated by the Appraisal Foundation. The Appraisal Foundation is the parent entity for the Appraisal Standards Board and the Appraisal Qualification Board which most national appraisal societies now support. These standards deal with the procedures to be followed in developing an appraisal, analysis, or opinion and the manner in which it is communicated. The users of an appraisal should demand work performed in conformity with these standards.

The trend toward increased sophistication renders obsolete the old “seat-of-the pants” approach to appraisals, valuations, analyses, and opinions. When these types of assignments are necessary, it is increasingly important to have competent experts and thoroughly documented reports. Complex laws and court interpretations of the laws require greater attention to fiduciary responsibilities by professionals, especially where litigation may be involved.

Our team members have frequently served as expert witnesses in federal courts as well as in state district courts throughout most of the Southern United States. Our services have been used for property settlements, marital dissolution, partnership dissolutions, eminent domain proceedings, estate matters, general business litigation, mergers and acquisitions, personal injury and wrongful death, labor and employment, admiralty law, shareholder disputes and securities law. Our clients include individual business owners, large corporations, attorneys, accountants, and governmental agencies.  

Jeffrey D. Jones, President

Jeffrey D. Jones, ASA, CBA, CBI


Jack Bell, Real Estate Appraiser

Jack Bell, ASA

Real Estate Appraiser


Bank Reference

Brian Gilbert
Members Trust of the Southwest FCU
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Houston, TX 77092
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Accounting Reference

Larry Hicks, CPA
10500 Northwest Frwy., Suite 212
Houston, TX 77092

Accountants Served

Dennis Gann, CPA
Edward Gardner, CPA
Robert Ogle, CPA
Sam Gainer, CPA
Milton Thibodeaux, CPA
Robert Degeyter, CPA
Tom Post, CPA
Michael George CPA
Alan Mervish, CPA
W. Egar Blair, CPA
Bruce Korn, CPA
Chuck Weiner, CPA

Attorneys Served

Scott Williams
Linda Kelly
Chris Sternat
Joe Kennedy
Sally Andrews
Ted Cox
Art Fant
Ron Monshaugen
Lou Kleinman
Myrna Dunnam
Debra Catlet
Jimmy Phillips

Retail & Service Businesses

Auto Parts
Dry Cleaners
Bakery Shops
Printing Companies
Variety Stores
Tire Stores
Travel Agencies
Grocery Stores
Computer Stores
Employment Agencies
Plant Nurseries
Video Stores
Sign Companies
Office Supply
Carpet Stores
Paint & Body Shops
Doughnut Shops
Flower Shops   

Retail & Service Businesses

Gift Shops
Liquor Stores
Auto Dealerships
Engineering Firms
Dress Shops
Hardware Stores
Repair Services
Sporting Goods
Jewelry stores
Coin Laundries
Accounting Services
Pet Stores
Gas Stations
Vending Companies
Pawn Shops
Auto Repair
Child Care Centers
Photography Studios
Medical Practices
Construction Companies   

Distributing & Manufacturing Companies 

Glass Companies
Rubber Manufacturing
Door Manufacturing
OilTool Distributors
Cable Manufacturing
Fence Manufacturing
Import/Export Company
Food Processing
Air-Conditioner Manufacturing
Fabrication Shops
Paint Supplies
Electronic Distributors
Machine Shops
Flooring Supplies
Soft Drink Bottlers/Distributors
Chemical Plants